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AQAR Queries

1.2.1-New Courses Introduced

1.3.1_Value-added Courses

1.3.2- Field Projects Internships

2.1.1-Demand Ratio

2.5.1-Examination Results


2.6.2-Pass Percentage of Students

2.7.1-Student satisfaction survey

3.2.2- Awards for Innovation

3.3.3-Research Publications

3.3.4_Conference Proceedings 

3.3.5_Bibliometrics of the publications

3.3.7_Faculty participation in SeminarsConferences and Symposia 

3.4.1-Extension and Outreach Programmes

3.4.3_Students participating in extension activities

3.5.2-Linkages with institutions-industries

3.5.3 – MoUs signed with institutions

4.2.2_Library Services

5.1.1 – Financial Support from Institute

5.1.1-Financial Support from Other Sources

5.1.2_Number of capability enhancement and development schemes

5.1.3-Competitive examinations and Career counselling

5.2.1 – Campus Placement

5.2.2 – Student progression to higher education

5.2.4-Sports and cultural activities

5.2.4-Sports and cultural activities


6.3.3-Faculty Development Programmes

6.5.6-Quality Initiatives by IQAC

7.1.4-Inclusion and Situatedness

7.1.6 – Activities -Universal Values and Ethics

7.2.1-Institutional Best Practices xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A 7-Quality Initiatives by IQAC

A 12- IQAC Contribution 1,2

A 12-IQAC Contribution 3

A 12-IQAC Contribution 4

A 12-IQAC Contribution 5

A 13-Plan of Action

Link 4.4.2 – Procedures and Policies

Link 5.4.4-Meetings activities organized by Alumni Association

7.2.1-Institutional Best Practices( Link All)

Link 7.2.1-Institutional Best Practices

Link 7.2.1-Institutional Best Practices-Supporting Documents 1

Link 7.2.1-Institutional Best Practices-Supporting Documents 2

Link 7.3.1-Performance of the institution